Payment in Iraq

In order to ease the process, the authors in any place in Iraq can pay the conference fees directly to


(Adress: Al-Dhubaat Street, Al-Dhubaat Zone, Samarra City,  Salahuddin – Iraq)

Office Mobile: +964 7722 411 875

Office Hour (10:00 AM – 01:00 PM, and 04:00 PM – 07:00)


Or to

Dr. Khalid M. Breesem, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University – Iraq

(Phone no: +9647816642904, +094 7715997161)


Dr. Makram A. Fakhri, University of Technology Baghdad – Iraq

(Phone no: +9647702793869)


Prof. Dr. Qusay F. Abdul Hameed Alsahly, University of Technology Baghdad – Iraq

(Phone no: +964790173 0181, +9647711357935)


After you pay, they will provide you a receipt, which will be the evidence of the payment