Peer Review Process

The Review Process of IConMEAS 2023

    • The reviewing process of IConMEAS 2023 papers will be based on PEER REVIEW with SINGLE BLIND REVIEW CONCEPT.
    • Therefore based on our reviewing policy, the names of the reviewers are hidden from the author.
    • Guest editors appoint peer reviewers based on recommendations from the Secretariat Committee Members as well from his experience identifying the right candidate. The reviewers are appointed based on the speciality and expertise he/she has in relation to the related research area of the written paper.
    • The submission of paper is made via online submission system in order to have a standardize and systematic reviewing system.

The flow of the submission and reviewing process is as below (See Figure 1 for the diagram of REVIEW PROCESS FLOWCHART);

    • Author submits paper(s) via online system
    • Secretariat receive the paper and notify the author confirming the reception. Secretariat screen the paper to fulfil basic criteria outlined by the conference.
    • Paper that does not comform with the screening process will be rejected and returned to the author.
    • Paper that passes the screening will be forwarded to 2 (TWO) peer-reviewers (Reviewer 1 and 2) for reviewing process.
    • Both reviewers forward suggested-correction to the guest editor.
    • Guest editor returns the article to the author and ask for a revision.
    • After receiving the revised version from the author, Reviewer 1 and 2 will evaluate the paper for the second time.
    • The paper which does not meet the criteria of the correction (basic scientific content, wrong formatting, and etc) suggested will be rejected and returned to the author.
    • The paper which also does not meet the criteria of similarity percentage (less than 25% using Turnitin software) will be rejected and returned to the author.
    • Accepted paper that passes the second review will be compiled and approved in a Conference Board Meeting (Guest Editors, Technical Committees and Advisors) and submitted for publication.

Figure 1: Reviewing Process Flow Chart IConMEAS 2023